EU to ramp up renewable energy targets for 2030

Energize Editors

Energize Editors

EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson has said that renewable deployment targets will be increased as part of the Fit for 55 package due to be presented to the Commission in July.

In a speech at the European Parliament Simson announced that Fit for 55 would revise the Renewable Energy Directive which sets targets on how much of Europe’s energy comes from renewable sources.

Kadri Simson said: “As it stands, RED II sets a binding target for 2030 at of at least 32%. But our ambitions have changed. The Climate Target Plan sets a higher target of between 38-40%. This is attainable. We have the political will, the technological expertise, and the EU funds, including from the Recovery and Resilience facility, to make it happen.

“The revision will not change the legal framework for renewables in the EU entirely. We had a major overhaul of the directive in 2018. But it will aim to enable greater energy system integration and boost renewables in those sectors where we need changes to happen faster.”

The Fit for 55 package will lay out how the EU will achieve the increased 55% carbon emissions reductions target that it set out in the European Green Deal last year.

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