Haliade-X wind turbine reaches landmark 14MW output

Sau Ting Kwok - Hong Kong

Sau Ting Kwok - Hong Kong

GE Renewable Energy’s Haliade-X prototype in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has started operating at 14MW, making it the first player in the industry to use a wind turbine at this power output.

The Haliade-X 14MW is an uprated version of the Haliade-X 13MW, which received its type certification in January 2021.

The GE Renewable Energy team has now officially started certification measurements on the Haliade-X 14MW.

One turbine can generate up to 74-gigawatt hours of gross annual energy production based on typical German North Sea wind conditions.

Vincent Schellings, chief technology officer, GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind, said: “We’re pleased to announce that the Haliade-X prototype is the first turbine in the industry to run at 14MW successfully.

“Over the past two years, we have learned a lot about operating and optimising the performance of our Haliade-X platform, enabling us to upgrade the Haliade-X platform to 14MW today.”

The Haliade-X 14MW will make its commercial debut at the Dogger Bank C offshore wind farm, located over 130 km off the northeast coast of England.

GE Renewable Energy will provide 87 units of the Haliade-X 14MW for Dogger Bank C.

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