Novatron Fusion Group named panelist for FusionXInvest Boston

Energize Editors

Energize Editors

Novatron Fusion Group Co-Founder and Chairman Erik Oden will be speaking at FusionXInvest in Boston, USA, running from February 21-22 at MIT Samberg Conference Centre.

Co-hosted by the MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center, the event aims to showcase the fusion energy industry to the global finance and investment community.

Novatron will appear in the panel discussion – ‘Opportunities in Alternative Approaches’ – between 12.30-13.30 on Feb 21, providing insight on fusion companies pursuing original approaches while looking to attract Seed or series A funding.

Key discussion points include comparing risk profiles between capex-intensive but well researched fusion approaches developed in public labs, compared to simpler concepts being pursued by private companies. In addition, the panel will discuss criteria which investors should consider when researching and funding novel, early-stage fusion approaches, while explaining how investments in alternative fusion can best fit within an investor’s portfolio.

FusionXInvest was launched in London in May 2023 by FusionX Group – a partnership of Fusion Energy Insights, Realfin and New Energy Events. It now travels to the US for the first time, which has become a hotbed for fusion activity and investor interest in recent years.

In 2023, The Global Fusion Industry detailed broad increases in investment at a total of $6.21bn, marking a $1.4bn increase on 2022 despite a macro-environment of inflation, interest rate increases and technology-focused bank failure. Of this total, some $5.94bn was from the private sector; however, if announcements since July 2023 are included then private-sector financing of fusion now totals over $5.97bn.

Novatron Co-Founder and Chairman Erik Oden said: “We’re thrilled to be taking part in FusionXInvest in Boston. It’s a unique event which aims to accelerate mainstreaming of fusion among capital-providers, drawing new capital to the table through a combination of access, insight and community. It provides an investment-centric environment where attendees can hear direct from industry insiders and existing investors, and where investors and financiers can listen, learn and develop relationships with peers and leading lights from the fusion industry.”

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