Novatron joins Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Ebba Busch for KTH Royal debate

Energize Editors

Energize Editors

Novatron Fusion Group joined Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Ebba Busch for a panel debate at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm addressing future needs for the nation.

The debate, also featuring Lisa Ericsson, General Manager for KTH Innovation and CEO for KTH Holding, and Erica Magnergård, CEO for Nordkap, underscored a necessity to leverage Sweden’s collaborative culture and solving problems creativity.

Novatron Fusion Energy CEO Peter Roos’ delivered a series of key points focusing on the importance of strategic long-term investments, fostering innovation, and prioritizing resource allocation to build a sustainable and innovative future for Sweden.

An acknowledgment of limited resources must lead to prioritizing strategic areas for long-term investment, with clear guidelines and a focus on building long-term infrastructure and fostering innovation.

Transparency and accountability in the use of public funds were also highlighted, with a focus on evaluating the effectiveness of investments to ensure they create value. The challenges faced by startups, including financial constraints and the need for supportive infrastructure, were discussed, alongside the role of academia and state support in fostering innovation.

In Novatron Fusion Energy’s case, as the only Nordic fusion initiative, a clear and long-term political signal is needed to ensure fusion is an important part of the energy transition in Sweden. This includes adapted regulations (as requested by SSM in a report to the government in August 2023) and a national strategy similar to other countries.

It is important to make clear investments in nuclear power to manage the transition, focusing on the best and most modern technology. In nuclear power investments, fusion should be a part: cheap, green, safe electricity that opens up enormous industrial opportunities, with a horizon comparable to other nuclear power.

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