Ocean Energy Europe calls for EU-wide renewable risk mitigation schemes

Energize Editors

Energize Editors

Ocean Energy Europe – the voice of the ocean energy sector in Europe and the largest network of ocean energy professionals in the world – is calling for EU-wide renewable risk mitigation schemes.

OEE has joined an open letter to Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for the European Green Deal Frans Timmermans and European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson.

It calls for implementation of EU-wide renewable risk mitigation schemes to de-risk private sector investment in capital-intensive renewable energy solutions in the EU Renewable Energy Directive. 

Member States are obliged to reduce the capital cost of renewable energy technologies under Article 3.5(1) of the Renewable Energy Directive. De-risking capital intensive renewable heating, cooling and electricity projects is the most optimal solution. At present, capital cost risks are a barrier to significant investment in ocean energy technologies across the EU. 

Read full letter here

Other signatories include:

Philippe Dumas, Secretary General, European Geothermal Energy Council 
Pierre Cheyron, Managing Director Global Business Unit Energy Solutions, Engie 
Greg Arrowsmith, Secretary General, European Renewable Energy Research Centres (EUREC) 
Anna Dubowik, Secretary General, Negative Emissions Platform
Paul Doucette, Energy Transition Executive & General Manager, Baker Hughes
Claire Roumet, Executive Director, Energy Cities
Remi Gruet, CEO, Ocean Energy Europe
Marco Baresi, Institutional Affairs & Marketing Director, Turboden
Marcel Bial, Secretary General, European Solar Thermal Electricity Association 
Fausto Batini, CTO, Magma Energy – Chairman ETIP DG
Dirk Hendricks, Secretary General, EREF
Pedro Dias, Secretary General, Solar Heat Europe
Johan de Koning, Chief Technology Officer, Hybrid Energy Solutions B.v. 
Jean-Philippe Soulé, Directeur, Fonroche Géothermie
Mathieu Auxietre, CEO, TLS Geothermics
Horst Kreuter, Vulcan Energie Ressourcen GmbH

OEE’s network includes more than 120 organisations, including Europe’s leading utilities, industrialists and research institutes, representing the interests of Europe’s ocean energy sector.

The non-profit organisation’s mission is to create a strong environment for the development of ocean energy, improve access to funding, and enhance business opportunities for its members. To achieve this, OEE engages with the European Institutions (Commission, Parliament, Council, EIB, etc), and national ministries on policy issues affecting the sector.

In past four years the sector’s profile has increased significantly, and the EU has emerged as a major driver of the industry.

OEE recently appointed Simon De Pietro (DP Energy, Ireland) and Patrik Möller (Corpower Ocean, Sweden) as its new Co-Presidents, bringing both technology and project development perspectives, and a wealth of ocean energy experience.

The appointments come at a crucial time for the ocean energy sector, as the push to scale up and industrialise intensifies, and the shift towards 100% renewable energy sources picks up pace. Together with the OEE Board of Directors, the Co-Presidents will steer the sector’s course over the coming years, as ocean energy positions itself as a key part of decarbonising the world’s energy supply.

The board also welcomed seven new Directors below, to represent a diverse cross-section of the industry across Europe:

  • Matthew Finn, Commercial Director, European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)
  • Marlène Kiersnowski, Project Manager, SEENEOH Tidal Test Site
  • Tony Lewis, Chief Technology Officer, Ocean Energy
  • Patrik Möller, CEO, Corpower Ocean
  • Pablo Ruiz Minguela, Head of Wave Energy, Tecnalia
  • Britta Schaffmeister, CEO, Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC)
  • Oliver Wragg, Commercial Director, Orbital Marine Power

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