Renewables account for 66% of Portugal’s consumption in Jan-Jul 2021

Sau Ting Kwok - Hong Kong

Sau Ting Kwok - Hong Kong

Renewable energy sources have produced enough to meet 66% of Portugal’s electricity consumption in the period January-July 2021, data from power utility Redes Energeticas Nacionais (REN) shows.

Hydro and wind had the largest contribution, covering 30% and 26% of demand, respectively. Biomass energy followed with 7% and photovoltaic (PV) with 3.3%. Solar PV exceeded 200 GWh of monthly production for the first time.

REN’s data shows that non-renewable electricity accounted for 30%, led by natural gas with 28% and coal with 2%. Energy imports met the remaining 4% of domestic consumption.

In July alone, renewable power generation supplied 52% of domestic consumption. Non-renewable sources and imports were responsible for the remaining 34% and 14%, respectively.

Portugal’s overall electricity consumption fell 3.2% year-on-year in July due to temperatures below normal for the season, the utility noted.

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Sau Ting Kwok - Hong Kong

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