WWF issues statement in response to UN’s ‘code red’ climate change report

Sau Ting Kwok - Hong Kong

Sau Ting Kwok - Hong Kong

In response to the release of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statements: 

Marcene Mitchell, World Wildlife Fund’s Senior Vice President for Climate Change said: “This report illustrates more than alarming numbers. It paints a picture of the reality of the climate crisis, one with more intense and frequent extreme weather events that cause devastating losses in communities and ecosystems around the world. Some of the threats of climate change are here to stay, but the report clearly states we shouldn’t throw in the towel. Through bold and immediate federal action, with strong private sector commitments, and with approaches that recognize the essential role of nature as part of the solution to this crisis, we can limit the vulnerability of current and future generations to climate change.”

Rebecca Shaw, World Wildlife Fund’s Chief Scientist said: “This report is truly a game changer because it allows scientists to pinpoint humankind’s role in driving extreme weather events with more accuracy and certainty than ever before. It is clear that fires, floods, storms and heatwaves are more extreme due to climate change. Scientists are certain that emissions from human activity have caused dangerous and permanent damage to the planet. Our window to reduce emissions and limit temperatures to 1.5°C is still possible, but it’s closing rapidly. Conserving and restoring nature is a powerful tool to remove carbon from our atmosphere, but it is not enough unless we also dramatically reduce our emissions.”

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