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Norway’s grim whale slaughter intensifies

Norway’s whale hunters are on track to kill record numbers of minke this year despite falling national demand, according to international charity Whale & Dolphin Conservation.

Commentary: President Biden’s drive for a cleaner America

According to reports published by the U.S Energy Information Administration, the United States surpassed 93 quadrillion Btu in primary energy consumption in 2020. In that year, renewable energy sources accounted for approximately 12% of the energy in the US and about 20% of electricity generated.

Togo Inaugurates 50MW Solar Plant Financed Under IRENA-ADFD Facility

The government of Togo has inaugurated one of the largest solar projects in West Africa and the first renewable energy facility in the country. The now fully operational 50-megawatt (MW) Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed solar power plant, financed under the IRENA-ADFD Project Facility, will supply reliable, clean electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in the country.